Unity3D | Game Designer & Programmer
Some of the prototypes I made on my spare time with Unity3D.

Arcad Flight: 3D Runner with a spaceship, an evolution of Rotate. Move and rotate to go through the obstacles. R&D on the way to give a speed feeling and avoid obstacle occluding player's view.

MPBR: Poetic walk sim. I wanted to simulate social interactions with minimal behaviors : Follower, Guide, Blocker, ...

Cloud Pilot: R&D on the best way to make a 3D flight game camera, and the most juicy, reactive and fast-paced controls for a spaceship. Finally I discovered I mixed Burnout & Star Citizen!

Curvy: Part of my "wanna be artist" time. An approach of sensuality in tactile games. You have to keep touching along the curve to make the white stream appear.

Grab Girl: 2D Runner with a hook. R&D on how to feedback error, and the best level of tolerance.

Space Tales: Made by re-using the code of Minianimalism. Build your spaceship and fight against a friend. The long scale goal was to make a FTL like game with more customization, and emphasize the self-made ship behavior when piloting.

Rosenkoenig: A retake of a board game on mobile. The only one made with a dev friend for the (buggy) online mode. We added a lot of feedbacks and signs to emphasize the original game's Yomi.